100% Naturally Dyed, Handwoven, Cambodian Silk Ikat Textile Skirt (Hol) (SKFB-1000807)


  • Type: Ikat Textile Skirt (Hol)
  • Material: Silk
  • Size: 98 cm X 380 cm or 39 in X 150 in
  • 100% naturally dyed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Meticulously woven on traditional handlooms by (mostly disabled or elderly) women in rural areas of Cambodia
  • Weight: 1 kg or 2.21 lbs
  • Time Taken to Finish this Product: 2 months


Washing Method: Dry cleaning is recommended if you would like the textile to stay stiff (as many Cambodians prefer). You can also choose to handwash with shampoo or regular detergent (without bleach), though the textile may become soft afterward.

Drying Method: Dry indoors as direct sunlight can cause color fading.

What’s special about Cambodian Ikat textiles? 

  • The whole process from weaving on traditional handlooms to natural dyeing to creating these beautiful textiles takes a long time – often at least one month for just one piece of fabric.
  • Because they are handwoven, no two pieces of Cambodian Ikat textile will be the same. Even when weavers base one fabric’s design of another, the final patterns will still be different.
  • Cambodian Ikat textiles have two sides: one side with a lighter shade of color and the other with a darker shade. The patterns are the same on both sides, but you can use whichever shade you prefer.

Khmer Artisanry is dedicated to:

  • Reviving the Khmer tradition of handweaving
  • Empowering women in rural communities
  • Alleviating poverty
  • Restoring cultural pride
  • Keeping natural dyeing alive

Every single one of your purchases will help support these objectives and improve the livelihoods of impoverished women in Cambodia.

Additional information

Weight 35.27 oz


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